Kolář lab at UCT Prague

RNA Society Movies

last update 2017-05-31

Here I publish several videos related to my poster prestention on the 22nd Annual Meeting of the RNA Society in Prague.

The tunnel, three proteins (red, green, blue) that contribute to its wall, and P-site tRNA (yellow). The exit is on the top.

In the simulations, a stable peptide fold is formed that persists for tens of microseconds. The CCA end of the tRNA is in white, the peptide in yellow and red, methionine (darker blue) is labeled by the BOF dye (lighter blue).

The elongation process of poly-Ala. The current amino acid is in yellow, the previous in red. BOF dye in blue. The P-site tRNA in white, the A-site tRNA in magenta, and the two constriction-site proteins in pale yellow and green, respectively.