Michal H. Kolář research group

We are a young group of researchers and students at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Czech Republic. Using computers and supercomputers, we study how proteins are born on ribosomes. We like python and GROMACS.

Michal H. Kolář – group leader

Michal H. Kolář

Michal is a theoretical biophysicist based in Prague, Czech Republic. His expertise ranges from high-level quantum chemistry to large-scale simulations of biomolecules. Currently his group studies protein synthesis on ribosomes, while keeping some older topics about small molecules still alive.

Michal shares his flat with four beloved ladies – one wife and three daughters. He's enthusiastic about science but somewhat tends to downshifting. Every summer, he spends two wonderful weeks co-organizing Běstvina summer school for gifted teenagers. Michal likes traveling by train and dislike tomatoes.

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Graduate Students

Michaela Černeková

Michaela Černeková

Michaela studied molecular biology in Bratislava, Slovakia. She obtained MSc from the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She worked at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry CAS, where she discovered the beauty of computational chemistry. In her diploma thesis, Michaela studied insulin-receptor binding by means of molecular dynamics simulations. She's a dog lover and enjoys books, podcasts and hiking.

Felipe C. Nepomuceno

Felipe C. Nepomuceno

Felipe studied cellular and molecular biology with the specialization in bioinfromatics at UFRGS Porto Alegre in Brazil. In his diploma thesis, he developed intramolecular potentials of sacharides.

Undergraduate Students

High-school interns