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My First Publishing Contribution to the Field of Psychology

published 2017-09-06

updated 2017-09-17

I studied a bit of Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and other data-analysis methods in the context of emotional analysis of a text. Surprisingly, it is closely related to my expertise in biomolecular simulations. My short report about the conjunction of text and biomolecular analysis has recenly been published in a Czech popular-science magazine Vesmír (pay-walled). Strangely enough, the editorial office classified the piece into a psychology section. It seems that the scope of my research expands:-)

My first publishing contribution to the field of psychology


Well, the things have changed. In fact, the previous paragraph is not true any more. It would be fun if it were the case. Nevertheless, the psychology section appeared only in the preview version of the paper which I'd received prior publication. In the final (and published) version, which I had a chance to see this weekend, the article is assigned to a mathematics section...