Kolář lab at UCT Prague

Conference at Downing College

published 2017-12-11

Yesterday I arrived to Cambdrige to join a meeting on co-translational folding and nascent peptides. There would be hardly a better-matching topic to what I'm working on in Göttingen. After the first day of talks, I'm looking forward to the remaining two.

Downing College in Cambridge after a snow 'storm'

Travelling from Germany to Cambridge, UK could have been smoother (euphemism). Due to weather conditions (snow) my flight to London Stansted was delayed, which would not be so dramatic, if other flights were OK. Instead, the airport hall was crowded, there were no trains to Cambridge (strike), and the coach I took broke up on the highway (heating). Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to reached the Downing College and to enjoy a dinner in a nearby pub. Some of the other speakers have not arrived at all.

The conference is rather small with many stellar names from the field including a Nobel prize winner and a few ERC or Wellcome Trust grant holders. I will be presenting a poster on all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of nascent peptides. Already after the first day, I've collected a lot of valuabe feedback.