Kolář lab at UCT Prague

IT4I Project Approved

published 2018-01-30

The Czech supercomputing center IT4I in Ostrava is the largest facility of this kind in the Czech Republic. To date, its supercomputer Salomon is ranked around 90th place worldwide. I applied to the latest call with a simulation project which deals with a ribosome-regulatory peptide VemP. VemP regulates translation of two bacterial gene variants by modulating the catalytic center of the ribosome. The project received an allocation of about 420 thousand corehours. Compared to our previous LRZ computational project, it is a tiny amount, but I hope it will anyway help us clarify the role of environment on the VemP structure and dynamics. The figure show the VemP in the ribosome exit tunnel. We will simulate the VemP in neat water.

VemP peptide in the ribosome exit tunnel'

I converted the official result page into a plot showing the individual CPU-time allocations for each of the 62 projects. The top three allocations go to Dominik Legut (coincidentally a core employee of the supercomputing center), Mojmír Šob (CITEC Brno), and Pavel Hobza (IOCB Prague, coincidentally a former Ph.D. supervisor of mine).