Kolář lab at UCT Prague

15th Open Call of IT4I: Our Second Project Got Approved

published 2019-02-05

With a three-week delay, the Czech supercomputing center IT4I in Ostrava has announced the results of the 15th Open Call for the computing time. I applied with a project which deals with a ribosome-regulatory peptide VemP. By a set of non-equilibrium simulations we will extend our previous simulation project, where we studied VemP and a few of its mutants.

I analyzed the result page. There are only 3 (three!) female PIs out of 71 projects. Is there anything wrong with the supercomputing community in the Czech Republic? The 8 largest projects consume almost one half of the total allocation available, while the smallest projects (half of the total number) received only about 14% of the total allocation. Hover over the bars for details.

The list of projects together with their allocations are shown in the plot below. The top three allocations go to Dominik Legut (coincidentally a core employee of the supercomputing center), Mojmír Šob (CITEC Brno), both from the material physics field, and Matúš Dubecký (University of Ostrava), an expert on quantum Monte Carlo.