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A Blog Post for Czexpats in Science

published 2019-05-22

This is a blog post about a blog post. After joining the Twitter, funny things started to happen. Through several independent routes I got in touch with a group of Czech scientists living abroad. They felt disconnected (personal opinion) from the wild Czech academic system, so they established an organization Czexpats in Science, which aims at curing their disconnection.

Czech scientists tend to discuss "science" rather than science.

Being a just-returned-from-abroad Czech scientist, I was asked to write a post for their blog about my experience with postdocing in one of the largest Max Planck Institutes ‐ the one of Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen. I was struggling with writing a solid text, but I realized that it would be much easier to write it as an interview. There was no one to ask me, so I started asking myself.

The self-interview was finally published (in Czech only, sorry) beginning of March 2019. Thanks Vlaďka and Blanka for managing it. Later on it was re-published by vedavyzkum.cz together with some commentaries (V. Hořejší, D. Štys). At least two more people noticed it and asked for a follow-up interview, one of which in the national newspaper.

Take-home message? You never know how your mean of procrastination will turn into a profit. Stay tuned.