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Michal completed his habilitation

published 2023-04-21

We are delighted to announce that Michal has completed his habilitation and soon will be awarded the docent degree. This is an equivalent of promoting Michal to the associated professor level. In the absence of tenure track system in Czech academia, habilitation represents a natural step on the academic carreer ladder. Below is the only photograph taken during the habilitation thesis defense. On the example of carrying coal to Newcastle (in Czech literaly "carying firewood to the forest") Michal explains his teaching contribution during the Běstvina summer schools. Photo courtesy of P. Slavíček.

Michal completed his habilitation

In the Czech academic system, habilitation is a postdoctoral qualification of reserachers involved in university teaching. According to the rules of UCT Prague, one needs to teach several years (3 or more), supervise undergraduate students (5 or more), and show an independent research activities. The habilitation process includes the submission of a thesis, as well as a public lecture on the research topic. Altogether, the candidate is assessed by a 5-member comittee and three external reviewers. The process is completed by convincing the Scientific board of the faculty, in Michal's case of about 35 professors of chemistry and chemical technology.

To make the topic more accessible for undergraduate students, Michal decided to write his thesis in Czech. The thesis summarizes his research from about last 7 years. All processing documents should be public, some of them, however, only upon requests to the Dean's office of the Faculty of chemical eginieering. We provide the full text of the thesis and three external reviews below.

full text: MH Kolář, Atomistické počítačové simulace ribozomu, in Czech
review 1: Robert Vácha (CEITEC Brno)
review 2: Lukasz Cwiklik (Heyrovský institute of physical chemistry, CAS)
review 3: Radka Svobodová (CEITEC Brno)
defense: Počítačové simulace velkých biomolekulových komplexů