Kolář lab at UCT Prague

A review about ribosome simulations

published 2023-07-20

We are happy to announce that the review article we collaborated on with our colleagues and friends from Goettingen, Germany has recently been published in the Annual Reviews of Biophysics. This comprehensive piece summarizes the role of large-scale computer simulations in the study of the ribosome. We particularly focused on elucidating how molecular dynamics simulations can enhance experimental techniques, shedding light on the functional aspects of biomolecules.

Please read, enjoy and cite.

Reference: Bock LV, Gabrielli S, Kolar MH, Grubmüller H. Simulation of Complex Biomolecular Systems: The Ribosome Challenge. Annual Reviews (2023) 52, 15.1-15.30.

Full text: https://www.mpinat.mpg.de/4371361/Bock_2023_AR.pdf

A review about ribosome simulations