List of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications (22)

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22. Molecular Simulations of the Ribosome and Associated Translation Factors

LV Bock, MH Kolář, H Grubmüller, Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 2018, 49, 27-35.


21. Halogen Bonding in Nucleic Acid Complexes

MH Kolář, O Tabarrini, The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017, 60, 8681-8690.

20. Reaction Path Averaging: Characterizing Structural Response of the DNA Double Helix upon Electron Transfer

MH Kolář, T Kubař, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2017, 121, 1520-1532.


19. Computer Modeling of Halogen Bonds and Other sigma-Hole Interactions

MH Kolář, P Hobza, Chemical Reviews, 2016, 116, 5155-5187.

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List of Popular Science Articles (8)

8. Stories according to a mathematical template

MH Kolář, Vesmír, 2017, 96, 482-483, in Czech.

7. Beyond the borders of the current theoretical biophysics

MH Kolář, Vesmír, 2017, 96, 76-77, in Czech.

6. Crystallography without crystals

M Kolář, Vesmír, 2014, 93, 568-570, in Czech.

5. Classical or quantum atom?

M Kolář, Vesmír, 2013, 92, 706-707, in Czech.

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Other Texts (6)

Molecular modelling in drug development

M Kolář, PhD thesis, 2013